Suppliers and business partnes


In 2011, Zavarovalnica Triglav finally reorganised and redesigned its purchasing process, which shall only be carried out at the Company headquarters, and purchases for regional units and representative offices will run through central purchasing departments. Such an arrangement provides for:

  • better control of consumption;
  • higher cost efficiency;
  • transparency of purchasing procedures; and
  • uniform implementation of the set purchasing procedures.

Criteria for supplier selection

Equal treatment of all participating suppliers is guaranteed by taking into account at least four, but mostly six to eight criteria, when considering the bids received in Zavarovalnica Triglav under a call for tenders. Price is a mandatory criterion of selection, the other being the quality of goods and services, compliance of equipment and services with international, national and other generally accepted standards, payment conditions and after-sale services provided by the supplier, delivery or completion dates, warranty, extension of business network in Slovenia and the former Yugoslav states, and (recently) the environmental and social responsibility of the supplier (e.g. management of waste generated in the production of the purchased material, whether the supplier's workers are regularly employed or just contractually hired, whether the purchased goods are produced in countries using child labour, whether goods have been purchased at unfair prices, and similar).

With the introduction of procurement committees, which take care of the opening of received tenders and of the analysis and evaluation of the suppliers' quotations according to the set criteria, the Company has mitigated the risk of possible corrupt acts of individuals involved in the purchasing process.

At the end of 2011, Triglav started to establish strategic partnerships with suppliers of key importance for the uninterrupted operation of the systems in Zavarovalnica Triglav and for an undisturbed supply of materials and services.

Zavarovalnica Triglav's insurance policyholders are invited to provide minor goods and services on occasional or one-off basis, especially in local markets covered by regional units, which helps consolidate the bond between the Company and local communities.

Contacts with business partners and their benefits

Zavarovalnica Triglav in close contact only with its strategic and permanent suppliers who regularly maintain its buildings and equipment. Regular meetings are held with permanent suppliers in order to agree on services to be provided in the following period, while at meetings strategic suppliers present their proposals for improving the functioning of the existing systems in Zavarovalnica Triglav and for the organisation of necessary trainings for equipment and building administrators.

Communication with business partners and suppliers

An agreed manner of communication with suppliers has been established for placing complaints and orders, especially for the urgent solution of problems. Zavarovalnica Triglav has appointed persons responsible for forwarding complaints and placing orders, while the suppliers on their side appoint persons responsible to resolve the complaint or to have the order be carried out. Meetings with strategic partners are organised once or twice a year with the aim of reviewing the current operation and discussing the possible improvement of services and mutual cooperation.

Care for fair competition

Zavarovalnica Triglav observes the Protection of Competition Act which, also governs (un)fair competition. All agreements made by Zavarovalnica Triglav contain the clause regarding the contract administrator who is responsible for the observance of contractual provisions. All agreements require all contracting parties to safeguard confidentiality and business secrets. The competitiveness of suppliers is checked in public tenders and random offers. In this way, prices are controlled and price rigging by suppliers is prevented. In 2011, the clause on prevention of conflict of interest and the anti-corruption clause were added to contractual provisions.

In 2011, Zavrovalnica Triglav was not involved in any case of the Competition Protection Office. The legal action on the grounds of unfair competition taken in 2009 against Zavarovalnica Generali was still pending in 2010.

Remuneration of insurance agencies and their sales staff

Zavarovalnica Triglav sells its non-life insurance services through contracted points of sale and its life insurance services through insurance agents and brokers.

Sales staff working at contracted points of sales, i.e., brokers and agents, are offered attractive terms and conditions, which include not only stimulating remuneration (fee) but also competitive products, effective business processes, training courses and programmes and partnership-based business relations. The sales staff are also invited to social events, such as ski flying in Planica

Tow executive directors in charge of insurance sales and directors of regional units participate in the selection of contracted partners. The executive director in charge of insurance sales and a regional unit's director also sign an Insurance Agency Agreement. The precondition for any such agreement is an authorisation to perform insurance operations in accordance with the Insurance Act. Moreover, the contracted partner has to guarantee that the agency services will be provided solely by the persons holding a legally required authorisation to perform insurance operations, and who are under an employment contract with the contracted partner.


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