Prevention activity promotion

The new Rules on Prevention and Suppression Activities of Zavarovalnica Triglav, prepared in 2010, regulate the general principles and guidelines needed for the development of prevention activities, which have a tradition of more than one hundred years and are closely related to the development and implementation of our basic insurance activity.

In 2011, EUR 2.1 million was earmarked for prevention activities. The amount of funds intended for prevention of damage and hazards in the social and natural environment is determined in the percentage of insurance premium for each class of insurance separately. Prevention measures are carried out directly or indirectly, through other service providers such as the insureds (natural persons or legal entities), organisations, institutions, corporations and other providers (also individuals).

Safe driving

Greater road traffic safety is one of the key objectives of prevention activities in the Triglav Group. In the campaigns named "Let's wipe worries off the Slovene roads", prepared in cooperation with Radio Center, traffic participants were awarded with a safe driving course at the Automobile Association of Slovenia's training centre at Vransko. Two hundred families were invited to the Days of Safe Driving for families with Zavarovalnica Triglav, adapted to different age and interest groups (safe driving, economical driving, off-road driving, scooter programme, cycling ground, TRIAL motor driving, etc.).

Lovćen Osiguranje provided funds for roadworthiness tests and modernisation of the necessary technical equipment, in order to increase the efficacy of prevention activities and road traffic safety.

  • Framework objective: Constant implementation of prevention programmes aimed at improving traffic safety at the level of the Triglav Group.

Child safety in traffic

Prevention activities were again carried out at the beginning of the new school year. First-grade pupils were provided with yellow neckerchiefs and reflective items, and the mascot "Watch Out Doggy" accompanied children across the road in front of 48 elementary schools all over Slovenia.


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