Responsibility to the social and natural environments

Protection of the environment in work processes

The activities in the companies of the Triglav Group exert no major environmental impact, since they mainly comprise office work. Nevertheless, environmentally responsible behaviour is embedded in the day-to-day business life of Zavarovalnica Triglav. The Company is aware of the society's joint environmental responsibility, as natural disasters have the power to severely affect its operations. The areas of its environmental impact include the use of natural resources for heating and cooling of working premises, the consumption of water and paper, and the disposal of waste.

Zavarovalnica Triglav expanded the volume of its online business with its clients (see item Development activities). In 2011, the separation of waste was introduced at the Company Headquarters by setting up waste separation bins in the corridors. To reduce the disposal of plastic packaging, employees received water bottles personalised with their names. In 2012, waste separation will be introduced in all regional units and companies of the Triglav Group. Triglav contributes to the preservation of clean water by recommending the use of the "stop" button when flushing the toilet. Triglav's employees are encouraged to use electrical energy responsibly and to print email messages only when absolutely necessary. In its numerous offices, recycling is encouraged by installing special containers for collecting waste paper and empty ink cartridges from printers and photocopiers with the aim of encouraging their recycling.

Zavarovalnica Triglav installs energy saving bulbs in its business facilities, replaces old heating systems with new gas powered devices, installations or electric heaters. Environmental awareness is raised by encouraging employees to use company bicycles for transportation around town related to work.

Environmental criteria have been included in the supplier selection procedures (see item Suppliers and business partners).

Environmentally responsible insurance products

The endeavours of Zavarovalnica Triglav are directed into four central orientations:

  • Fast claims handling offers effective support to agricultural producers in cases of increasingly frequent natural disasters.
  • Insured persons who invest in active protection enjoy premium policy incentives. Their premiums for equal insurance cover are up to 80% lower than premiums for equal unprotected agricultural crops grown in the open. The existing and potential insured farmers were both trained and informed. They are made aware of the increased likelihood that extreme loss events and natural disasters will occur (hailstorms, windstorms, floods, frosts, droughts, etc.), which may as a result require them to gradually discontinue certain crops in those areas which are more exposed or vulnerable.
  • In crop and fruit insurance, the Group increasingly promotes active defence against insurable and uninsurable risks with anti-hail nets, in the insurance of greenhouses, tunnels and sprinkler systems against spring frost and with irrigation systems.
  • For several years, with some animal insurance products less intensive breeding has been promoted, which not only involves fewer insurance perils but represents a smaller burden on the environment and involve less insurance risk.

Care for the broader natural environment

To further encourage responsible mountaineering, the all-Slovene "Let's Clean the Mountains" campaign was extended to cover the highlands of Slovenia. In its second season, the drive again joined many Slovene and foreign mountaineers and mountain lovers who removed waste from the mountains. With this campaign, Zavarovalnica Triglav wishes to support the responsible and sustainable enjoyment of mountains. Under the slogan "In addition to beautiful memories, let's also take rubbish down from the mountain", thus far in two seasons 50,000 (100% degradable) refuse sacks have been distributed in 35 mountain huts in Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, in the Karavanke mountains and in the Highlands. In the second season, a virtual mountain booklet was shared with supporters of the campaigns; they were familiarized with the mountain code of conduct and their knowledge tested about security in the mountains. The community of the campaign supporters on Facebook increased to more than 15,000 members actively participating in the dialogue on responsible approaches to nature. The campaign, with which many lovers of mountains and nature have already identified themselves, will be continued in 2012.


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