Responsibility to the insured

Zavarovalnica Triglav pays special attention to developing long-term business relations with its clients. Such an orientation in taken into consideration as early as in the development stage of insurance products based on the recognition of market needs and the observation of global trends. In the insurance industry, the service provided to the clients in case of the occurrence of a claim or an insurance event is most important. Zavarovalnica Triglav keeps to the principle of fair and fast claims handling.

Measuring customer satisfaction

In addition to client surveys on their satisfaction with the provided services, Zavarovalnica Triglav continuously monitors and resolves any complaints and clients' comments, which provide a good basis for improving business processes and, in turn, the satisfaction of clients. In order to detect the critical points in the sales process, Zavarovalnica Triglav regularly carries out the mystery shopper research in three sales channels: with insurance agents, and at the Company's own and contracted points of sale. The results of the research show what measures and actions are to be taken to improve the services.

The results of such visits to own points of sale show that the overall assessment of visits in October was 82.7, which is somewhat higher than 81.8 in February (out of 100 points).

Communication with clients in non-life insurance

The responsibility of Zavarovalnica Triglav to its clients is primarily exercised by the fair and professional attitude of the sales staff to the insured. Sales agents are obliged to provide clients with the insurance cover that guarantees their security.

Sales agents in the field and at all points of sale maintain on-going contact with the clients. Furthermore, in Slovenia information is provided on a toll free phone line (080 555 555) and a special help line (080 2864) provides assistance to clients 24/7. These communication channels are supplemented with online applications at, where clients can conclude certain insurance contracts or report a claim. In brochures and other information materials, the insurance services provided are presented in a clear and transparent manner, which allows for easy understanding.

Providing high-quality services, Zavarovalnica Triglav improves the financial and other forms of security of the insured and, at the same time, combines its products with prevention activities for higher traffic safety, in particular for child safety in traffic, as presented in Item Prevention activity promotion.

Throughout 2011, Triglav informed their clients of new products and services. The optimal combination of media was used for advertising aimed at reaching a broad portion of the target population; moreover, a direct approach was applied with information leaflets and brochures at business premises and points of sale.

Communication with clients in life insurance

The widespread sales network is the most important connection with clients. The sales staff and agents are continually educated and trained in order to provide high-quality and correct cooperation (see also Item Marketing and sales activities/Life insurance).

Holders of life insurance policies of Zavarovalnica Triglav can monitor and even partly manage their insurance through the new online insurance portal iTriglav (see also Item Development of IT support/ Personal insurance IT system).

In recent years, marketing communication has primarily been oriented to direct sales promotion in the form of consulting promotion events with various benefits for the clients. Direct marketing campaigns in which the existing clients are offered an opportunity to upgrade their existing insurance are very important for raising clients' awareness and improving access to new products and services.


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