Care for employee satisfaction

With the great support of the management, Zavarovalnica Triglav launched the long-term project "Harmony of Life and Work" (Triglav.smo) within which a series of activities took place in 2011. The purpose and aim of the project is to contribute to well-being and maintaining personal health of employees, and thus boost their satisfaction and loyalty. The project was presented in a special folder and with the book "The Way" by a well known Slovene alpinist Nejc Zaplotnik. During the Week of the Child, Zavarovalnica Triglav invited the children of its employees to visit the Company. Collective participation in the Ljubljana Marathon was organised; the Ljubljana Regional Unit prepared an ecological market place and on the first day of winter every employee was presented an apple for health. A rich range of events and campaigns devoted to health at work and the well-being of employees has also been planned for 2012.

Additional benefits for employees

Attention was devoted not only to safe and healthy working environment and to the provision of safe working conditions, but also to regular periodic health checks of employees. Efforts were made to enable normal work to the staff who became disabled while employed with Zavarovalnica Triglav and employees with other health problems, as well as to enable their wellbeing by adapting work processes to their reduced working capacity by assigning them appropriate jobs, flexible working hours and making similar modifications.

Parental leave is available to either parent. In the reporting year, parental or child care leave was taken by 105 women and two men, i.e. by 107 employees in total. The father's leave of 15 days (in the period up to the child's age of six months) was used by 49 employees, and the father's leave of 75 days (to be used up to the child's age of three years) was taken by 10 fathers.

All employees (of either gender) who used parental leave returned to their work place. Employees' needs and requirements are followed in working time adjustments, as much as work processes allow. Special attention is devoted to young mothers by offering them reduced working hours pursuant to the Parental Protection and Family Benefit Act. At the end of the year, the benefit of reduced working hours was taken by 28 parents (mothers).

Employees can also take unpaid leave in agreement with their superiors. In 2011, two employees had such leave.

Also in 2011 the staff of Zavarovalnica Triglav enjoyed various insurance benefits:

  • premiums were paid under group accident insurance for all employees;
  • favourable insurance terms are available for additional accident insurance to employees and their family members;
  • additional accident insurance is provided for all business trips;
  • after one year in employment, all employees may opt for supplementary voluntary pension insurance and voluntary pension insurance.

To 88.6% of its staff Zavarovalnica Triglav contributes 4% of their gross salaries for supplementary voluntary pension insurance.

Employees of Zavarovalnica Triglav can use several holiday facilities in Slovenia and Croatia at favourable prices and those with the status of a disabled individual can even use these facilities free of charge. Employees enjoy occasional discounts on clothes, cars, car tyres and similar goods.

Care for employees outside working hours

The "Triglav.smo" project represents an upgrading of the care for employees and promotion of their active leisure time. Employees of Zavarovalnica Triglav thus participated in the Ljubljana marathon and climbed Nanos Mountain in the "Let's Clean the Mountains" campaign. In addition to active sports activities, employees enjoy discounts on the purchase of theatre and concert tickets, tickets for various sports events, and the organisation of trips and outings.

Triglav supports the organisation of various social events and gatherings under the auspices of trade unions, including the some important and traditional events, such as the Triglav Group Day, the New Year's gatherings of employees and gift-giving to their children, as well as the Winter and Summer Games of Financial Organisations (ŠIFO).

For retirees, New Year's gatherings and gift-givings are organised and their outings are co-financed.


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