Corporate social responsibility

Next to professionalism and security, corporate social responsibility is one of the three values of the Triglav Group's organisational culture. It has been embedded into the strategic objectives to 2015 and into the measures designed for achieving them, since it is understood as the basis of sustainable development, brand identity and the mission of the Triglav Group. Activities in this field constitute an important pillar of the Group's business operations and a part of the traditional dialogue of the Triglav Group with the social environment.

Corporate social responsibility was made part of the business strategy of the Triglav Group in 2011 for the second year. The planned adoption of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy combined numerous activities and laid down the medium-term operational guidelines.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

The sustainable development orientation of the Triglav Group has been structured along the following priorities "social environment, business efficiency and the natural environment" and intertwined through all business processes of the Triglav Group. It is built into:

  • the day-to-day work of employees (within the framework of the Internal Communication Strategy and through the "Triglav.smo" project);
  • all relations with suppliers;
  • e-business development and on-line insurance contracting;
  • partner relations with investors;
  • rapid and appropriate payment of insurance money and benefits to clients;
  • an interlocutor's position in relations with the professional public;
  • mitigation of impacts on the natural environment and endeavours to use green energy resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy adopted in 2011 recognises five key segments that can contribute to the long-term development of the Company and to the preservation of nature.

  • Clients
    The Triglav Group builds both its distinctiveness and its positive relations with stakeholders on the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Business partners
    Triglav encourages its business partners to act in a socially responsible manner and applies sustainable development criteria in selecting its suppliers, services and products.
  • Investors 
    The value of the brand of Zavarovalnica Triglav is strengthened and business efficiency increased by practicing corporate social responsibility.
  • Public
    In pursuing corporate social responsibility activities, the Triglav Group actively cooperates with the public and participates in creating the conditions for the sustainable development of society as a whole.
  • Employees
    Loyalty to the Triglav Group grows stronger with the development of a common corporate culture. The Group creates a favourable working environment and also encourages its employees to attract other stakeholders to the realisation of common values.

The Group develops environmentally responsible insurance products and promotes the sustainable behaviour of the insured through premium policy incentives.

Commitments to external initiatives

With the iTriglav online insurance portal, Zavarovalnica Triglav follows the recommendations of the Slovene Consumers' Association with regard to financial literacy, which the association addressed to the Insurance Supervision Agency and the Slovenian Insurance Association last year.

The new corporate website of the Triglav Group, through which the Triglav Group communicates with users in both Slovene and English, is a step forward towards strengthening its dialogue with all groups of stakeholders. Interactive tools for monitoring business results as well as movements and comparison of share prices, represent another significant step towards more transparent and accessible reporting on the operations of the Triglav Group for investors.

On 23 June 2011, Zavarovalnica Triglav signed the Declaration on Fair Business at the initiative of the organization United Nations Global Compact Slovenia. The declaration was prepared by the anti-corruption working group, Ethos, which operates within the Slovene organization of the UN for sustainable development. The decision to sign that document signifies the Company's desire to actively contribute to a transparent and fair business environment for a more efficient and competitive economy.

Membership in associations

Zavarovalnica Triglav is a member of the Slovenian Insurance Association and abides by the Insurance Code. It is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the Marketing Association of Slovenia, the anti-corruption working group, Ethos, operating within the UNGC Slovenija, the Public Relations Society of Slovenia (PRSS), the Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (IRDO), the Association of Employees' Councils of Slovenian Companies, the Supervisors Association of Slovenia, the American Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce. Subsidiaries outside Slovenia are members of industry associations and economic groupings in their relevant countries.

Awards and prizes

In 2011, the companies of the Triglav Group received the following awards and prizes in different areas:

  • according to the Trusted Brand Survey, Zavarovalnica Triglav is the most trusted insurance company in Slovenia;
  • the Papirus Award for the best internal magazine went to "Obzornik";
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav once again gained the TOP 10 Educational Management Award, conferred by Planet GV in cooperation with the Institute of Educational Management SOFOS;
  • the golden award in its specific category and placement among the overall big winners at the world's largest annual report competition – the Gold ARC Award 2011 for the 2009 annual report;
  • the award by Finance, the Slovene financial daily, for the best 2010 annual report of financial institutions in sustainable development reporting.

Key objectives and results in implementing corporate social responsibility in 2011

Objectives for 2011


Results in 2011

In 2011 Zavarovalnica Triglav will take stock of the state of corporate social responsibility and continue formulating its strategy in this area.


Within its corporate social responsibility project, Zavarovalnica Triglav took stock of the state of this field in the Company and identified the business segments facing the biggest challenges in the coming years. On this basis, Zavarovalnica Triglav prepared its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to 2015.

In 2010 internal communication tools will be modernised at the Triglav Group level and adjusted to the needs of individual interest groups. On top of that, a corporate blog and internal website will be set up.

Partly achieved

Zavarovalnica Triglav joined the project of introducing the intranet for those employed in Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group. Additionally, Obzornik International contributes to internal communication in the Group with topics of importance to all employees.

Prevention programmes aimed at improving traffic safety at the level of the Triglav Group will be constantly implemented.


Zavarovalnica Triglav carried out the Days of Safe Driving for families and the campaigns named "Let's wipe worries off Slovene roads" and "Safe roads everywhere"; in addition, it provided the first-grade pupils with yellow neckerchiefs.

In the area of corporate volunteering, Zavarovalnica Triglav joined in "The Day for Changes", organised by the charitable organisation Slovene Philanthropy. More than 300 employees together with their families and friends took part in this event. The project "Children of Triglav – Carefree Play" has been launched, by which Zavarovalnica Triglav will support municipalities and local communities in renovating dilapidated and dangerous playgrounds.

In addition, Zavarovalnica Triglav set up waste separation bins and reduced the consumption of plastic packaging by introducing water jugs and personal water bottles.

Key guidelines of the 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


Objectives for 2012

To direct prevention activities towards creating sound bases for the development of the natural environment and society

  • to direct prevention activities towards creating sound bases for the development of the natural environment and society;
  • to start the campaign "Children of Triglav – Safe on Roads" and to set up the first training ground for children;
  • to start the communication campaign for a higher level of road traffic culture inSlovenia;
  • to start the project "Children of Triglav – Life after Accidents".

Stronger employee participation and integration;

  • to include more than 5% of employees or their family members into the corporate volunteering campaign "Let's Clean Up the World";
  • to implement the intranet.

To fight against corruption and for the rule of law

  • to implement the Declaration on Fair Business;
  • to continue activities in the anti-corruption working group operating under the auspices of the Slovene organisation of the UN for sustainable development, the UNGC Slovenia.

To establish and nurture long-term partnerships with key stakeholders, based on fairness and sustainable development values

  • to introduce, in agreement with suppliers, the criterion of social responsibility in the selection process;
  • to give more than 3,000 children the opportunity to watch the World Cup Ski Jumping final in Planica;
  • to proceed with the project "Children of Triglav – Carefree Play, in Harmony with Nature" and to renovate up to five playgrounds inSlovenia.

To mitigate adverse effects on the natural environment

  • to continue setting up waste separation bins at business premises of Zavarovalnica Triglav;
  • to start calculating the carbon footprint of Zavarovalnica Triglav.
  • Framework objective: Good practices of and guidelines for corporate social responsibility will be transferred to subsidiaries.

Economic effects

The Triglav Group is the leading insurance-financial group in Slovenia and one of the leading players in South-East Europe. Through income generation it contributes to the economic growth of the countries in which it operates, especially where it holds large market shares and plays the role of a market leader. Financial results of the Company are presented in Section Financial result of the Triglav Group.

Prevention activity

The two key underlying objectives of the targeted and long-term prevention activity are raising broad public awareness and the reduction of risks and potential accidents.

In 2011, the Triglav Group dedicated EUR 2.1 million to prevention activity. The funds were used for equipment purchases of many fire-fighter associations and unions and enabled several companies to modernise their facility protection equipment and train their employees in fire and burglary protection, how to respond in the case of robbery or burglary, improve health and safety at work and similar.


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