Communication with stakeholders

In the present serious social and economic conditions, communication plays an even more important role in corporate governance. The Triglav Group continues to foster an active dialogue with all stakeholders.

The Public Relations Department is in charge of promoting the public image of Zavarovalnica Triglav and providing a uniform platform and guidelines for all Triglav Group companies. In line with the rapid growth of online services and e-business, the Group develops and promotes state-of-the-art communication channels, including with public media. The Public Relations Department has a broad range of responsibilities:

  • to provide and implement internal and external communication in support of management's decisions;
  • to provide for the Company's communication strategy and communication with employees;
  • to communicate with the media and other stakeholders;
  • to support the marketing strategy and the development of new products;
  • to strengthen and promote corporate social responsibility with the local community, both with the general public and with the Company's employees.

Internal communication

Internal communication is one of the processes gaining greater significance in the business operations of Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group. Therefore, a programme of internal communication was prepared within the EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT corporate campaign in autumn 2011. The campaign also includes activities with which staff will be given detailed information of the strategy, the objectives and the vision of the Company, in which they will have the opportunity of active participation; two-way communication will be established, and any lack of information avoided. The programme's objectives are:

  • to motivate employees for the implementation of the common business objectives of the Company;
  • to promote cooperation among staff;
  • to build loyalty to the Company;
  • to actively involve employees in changes and empower them to participate in the implementation of strategic plans;
  • to properly and timely inform the employees of the Company's strategy and reorganisation.

Several tools and activities will be used, aiming at strengthening the trust and free flow of information among employees, and promoting their motivation. The in-house newsletter "Obzornik", which twice in a row won the award for the best internal magazine in Slovenia, will reveal new horizons of topics on the strategy and internal communication. The new magazine "Obzornik International" will be regularly issued at the Triglav Group level. Another important information channel in Zavarovalnica Triglav is the already-established system of electronic notices, which will be upgraded to include the intranet for more responsive communication.

Development requires the establishment of an interactive internal website that will lead to better understanding and implementation of strategic goals. The good practice of meetings of the Management Board with employees in all regional units of Zavarovalnica Triglav will continue, as well as visits to all companies of the Triglav Group.

  • Framework objective: In 2012, at the Triglav Group level, to continue upgrading internal communication tools and actively communicating about changes within the Group.

External communication

The social and economic role of Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group is reflected in their appearance in public media and, in turn, their greater visibility and public attention require high levels of transparency and publicity.

In communication with external publics emphasis is laid on providing balanced, consistent and up-to-date information to stakeholders on developments in Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group. Fast and topical information promotes confidence in and a favourable image of both the Company and the Group. Information on important events is given through press releases and by organising press conferences and other corporate events.

Better transparency of communication with stakeholders was achieved with the renewal of the website in 2011. Web contents are arranged clearly and in a state-of-the art manner, based on good user experience. The website enables more intense and in-depth two-way communication with investors and the professional public. In accordance with the adopted commitment, any information on the website is published in compliance with the Media Act, the Communication Code of the Triglav Group, the Corporate Governance Code for Joint Stock Companies, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Guidelines on Disclosure for Listed Companies, the Financial Instruments Act, the Insurance Act, and the Statute of Zavarovalnica Triglav.

Communication with investors

All information relevant to investors is currently published on SEOnet, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange information system, as well as on Zavarovalnica Triglav's website www.triglav.euInvestor Relations webpage.

In 2011, Open House Days were organised for investors, and all relevant information was provided on the occasion. A new, important step forward was made when the shares of Zavarovalnica Triglav were listed on the Prime Market of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, which required transparent corporate communication and management at the highest, internationally comparable level. This was a significant step towards the implementation of the strategy to 2015. The prime market listing provides opportunity for even closer cooperation with investors, further improvement in business transparency and better liquidity of shares.

Investor relations and pertaining contacts are disclosed in Section Share capital and shareholders of Zavarovalnica Triglav of the Management Report.


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