Organisation of the Triglav Group in 2011

In line with the Triglav Group strategy, the activities within the scope of business process redesign project were continued. The emphasis was put on establishing a business process and change management system, the redesign of the internal document management system and the establishment of a central back office, in accordance with the IT redesign.

With the implementation of this project, the Group set new organisational, process and IT requirements and realised its strategic directions, including:

  • to adapt the organisational structure to the mission, vision and strategic goals, as well as to changed processes and technologies;
  • to divide tasks between the head office and branch offices and define their competences and authorities;
  • to build a new, unified organisation with job descriptions in line with the needs of individual processes and the macro-organisation of Zavarovalnica Triglav; and
  • to implement the reorganisation of operations with a focus on support functions.

The comprehensive changes are being introduced gradually and systematically. The aim of redesigning business processes is to streamline operations and to improve the cost efficiency, performance and standardisation as well as effectiveness of business process implementation.

Most attention was paid to:

  • the establishment and implementation of a unified system of responsibilities, competences and authorities;
  • the establishment and implementation of the business process management system;
  • the efforts for a continuous adaptation of the organisational structure and job classification to be in line with the procedural and IT changes which were finalized with the reorganisation of individual departments;
  • the introduction of a business process model representing the plan for carrying out activities, documents, decisions, operators and use of IT support in line with the business process modelling methodology;
  • the establishment of a register of core and back-office operational processes per segment,
  • the establishment and implementation of change management system and methodology, and the ADKAR tool;
  • the redesign of the management and introduction of a new application for the management of acts and internal documents of Zavarovalnica Triglav;
  • the establishment of a transparent system for process and internal document ownership and administration according to segment;
  • drawing up suggestions for criteria and modelling the recognised future processes within the back office support;
  • building infrastructure for e-safekeeping and acquiring the decision by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia on adequacy of the Company's internal document "Internal rules of Zavarovalnica Triglav for management of documentary material in electronic form";
  • continuing the process activities towards paperless operation (the beginning of the introduction of e-pen in the sale of non-life insurance, the preparation for the introduction of insurance documentation digitalisation);
  • the incorporation of personal and non-life insurance technology in IT and other projects (IT Life, IT Build).

Projects were designed to enable active participation of the Company in the changes of organisational structure and job classification in individual subsidiary insurance companies. Organisational restructuring was finalised in the subsidiaries Triglav Osiguruvanje, Skopje, Lovćen Osiguranje, Podgorica and Triglav Osiguranje, Belgrade.


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