ISO 9001 quality management system in the Triglav Group

Zavarovalnica Triglav acquired certification for the ISO 9001 international quality management standard in 2000. An annual external audit of the standard is conducted by leading auditors of the certification body SIQ, the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology. Within the Triglav Group, two other companies are certified to ISO 9001 standards: the insurance company Lovćen Osiguranje, Podgorica since 2001, and Triglav Zdravstvena zavarovalnica since 2009.

Throughout 2011, the Company conducted a series of well-established activities allowing process owners to control the efficiency of the processes by applying a set of process performance indicators that are also coordinated with risk management indicators and key performance indicators. Results by departments are regularly discussed by the Management Board, which is also responsible for adopting proposed measures for improvement.

Zavarovalnica Triglav is continuing with the introduction of the information security management system according to the ISO 27001 standard and finalising the implementation of the business continuity system. The idea is to integrate these two standards with the certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 into a single process management system.


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