As at the 2010 year end, financial assets stood at EUR 2,326.0 million, which represents a 2% rise compared to 2010. The percentage of financial assets in total assets grew by 3.1 percentage points, reaching 78.5%. Unit-linked insurance assets amounted to EUR 364.7 million and financial investments to EUR 1,961.3 million. In total financial investments, EUR 439.7 million is accounted for by deposits and loans, EUR 245.2 million by investments held to maturity, EUR 1,192.9 million by investments available for sale and EUR 83.5 million by investments recognised at fair value through profit and loss.

With 58.9%, debt securities account for the bulk of total financial assets: as at 31 December 2011 they amounted to EUR 1,370.6 million (index 98). In 2011 investments in equity securities decreased by 4% to EUR 561.1 million, representing 24.1% of total financial assets. Loans and receivables increased by 31% and as at 31 December 2011 stood at EUR 389.2 million. Their share in total financial assets increased to 16.7%. Derivative financial instruments were recognised at EUR 1.5 million (index 64) and re-insurers' financial investments from reinsurance schemes at EUR 3.7 million (index 120).

Financial investments of the Triglav Group in associates decreased significantly compared to 2010 (index 18). As at the end of 2011 they amounted to EUR 20.5 million, representing 0.7% of total assets. The decrease in financial investments in associates was affected mostly by the deletion of Abanka Vipa d.d. from the associates group and its transfer to investments available for sale.

Investment property stood at EUR 96.8 million, up by 15% compared to 2010. They accounted for 3.3% of total assets.

The Triglav Group's receivables as at 31 December 2011 totalled EUR 205.0 million, which represents a 5% decrease from the 2010 year end. Receivables accounted for 6.9% of total assets. Receivables from direct insurance operations amounted to EUR 118.6 million (index 93), receivables from co-insurance and reinsurance operations totalled EUR 40.7 million (index 90), while other receivables stood at EUR 45.3 million (index 105).

The insurance technical provisions transferred to reinsurance contracts of the Triglav Group as at 31 December 2011 stood at EUR 44.0 million, which was 1% less than one year earlier. Assets from reinsurance contracts from claim provisions totalled EUR 29.3 million, while unearned premiums equalled EUR 14.6 million.

Property, plant and equipment amounted to EUR 128.8 million and accounted for 4.3% of total assets. Intangible assets equalled EUR 63.3 million, accounting for 2.1% of total assets.

Cash and cash equivalents amounted to EUR 22.8 million, other assets totalled EUR 12.6 million, whereas non-current assets held for sale equalled EUR 1.5 million, arising from real property recognised in the company Slovenijales.


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