Income and expenses from financial assets

Income from financial assets decreased by 18% and reached EUR 149.0 million. Income from financial assets in associates reached EUR 4.3 million, income from other financial assets was EUR 119.0 million and net unrealised gains on unit-linked life insurance assets amounted to EUR 25.8 million. Consolidated financial expenses totalled EUR 202.0 million, which represents a 66% increase over 2010. Expenses from financial assets in associates totalled EUR 19.2 million, while expenses from other financial assets equalled EUR 107.0 million. Net unrealised losses on unit-linked life insurance assets reached EUR 75.8 million.

The Group's returns on financial assets represent the difference between income and expenses from financial assets. In 2011 they amounted to EUR 53.0 million, compared to EUR 60.0 million the year before. Negative returns were caused by a permanent impairment of financial assets in the amount of EUR 63.2 million, which were carried out by Zavarovalnica Triglav due to the developments in the Slovene banking sector and the general financial crisis, forcing it to impair Greek securities holdings.


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