Change in other insurance technical provisions and other

Change in other insurance technical provisions totalled EUR -2.9 million on account of a decrease in mathematical provisions, caused by a higher number of maturities due to the aging of the life insurance portfolio, surrenders and a decrease in provisions for unexpired risks, affected by better insurance technical results recorded in individual insurance classes.

Change in insurance technical provisions for unit-linked insurance contracts equalled EUR -11.4 million due to a decline in the decline in price of fund units. Expenses for bonuses and discounts reached EUR 6.5 million (index 113).

Compared to 2010 other income from insurance operations of the Triglav Group in 2011 increased by 18% and totalled EUR 26.4 million, while other income amounted to EUR 57.2 million (index 93). Other insurance expenses totalled EUR 56.0 million (index 91), whereas other expenses reached EUR 61.3 million (index 72).


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