Financial result of the Triglav Group in 2011

The Triglav Group ended 2011 with a larger profit than the preceding year. Despite the financial crisis and the developments in the banking sector, the Group performed well, posting a profit before tax of EUR 58.0 million. Net profit of the Group totalled EUR 47.5 million, which was 78% more than in the previous year. Net profit attributable to the controlling company amounted to EUR 47.1 million, while net profit attributable to non-controlling interest holders totalled EUR 436 thousand. Significant growth was recorded in the return on equity ratio, which climbed to 9.6%, compared to 5.5% in 2010. The combined ratio in non-life insurance, which shows the profitability of operations, improved as well (any value of this ratio below 100 means that the non-life insurance portfolio, as the core business, is earning a profit). It totalled 90.1%, which is an improvement of 1.9 percentage points over 2010.


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