Functioning and powers of the Management Board

As at 31 December 2011, the Management Board members were in charge of the following departments:

The President of the Management Board Matjaž Rakovec manages and directs the work of the Management Board and of the headquarters departments (Management Board Office, Legal Office, Internal Audit Department, Risk Management Department, and Marketing Department). Matjaž Rakovec is responsible for the following departments: Personal Insurance Sales, Personal Insurance, IT, Work Processes and Organisation, Central Back Office, Human Resources Management as well as for Development and Actuary Affairs for Life Insurance, Project Office and Bancassurance.

Andrej Slapar, member of the Management Board, is responsible for the Non-Life Insurance Sales, Underwriting and Non-Life Insurance Product Development, Non-Life Insurance Loss, as well as for the Development and Actuary Affairs for Non-Life Insurance, Client Relationship and the headquarters' department for the Prevention, Detection and Investigation of Fraud.

Igor Stebernak, member of the Management Board, is responsible for Accounting, Finance and Subsidiary Governance, Strategic Planning and Controlling at the headquarters level and the Legal Office for Subsidiaries.

Marica Makoter, member of the Management Board, Employee representative, represents employees' interests, in compliance with the Worker Participation in Management Act.


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