Plans of the Triglav Group for 2012

Plans of the Triglav Group for 2012:

  • EUR 984.0 million of written premium;
  • EUR 595.9 million of net claims incurred;
  • EUR 60.6 million of profit;
  • EUR 554.2 million of equity as at the year end;
  • planned combined ratio of 95.3%;
  • operating costs growth rate below premium growth rate.

In the future the Triglav Group will continue to give priority to profitability, rather than to market share growth, so as to enable further growth and development. All subsidiaries are planned to be operating at a profit by 2015.

Major measures and projects planned for 2012:

  • upgrade of existing insurance products and development of new ones;
  • upgrade of credit rating programmes of the Group and partnership building;
  • extension of the range of product packages and combined insurance products;
  • the focus of all employees on client satisfaction;
  • effective combination of sales channels, upgrade of web insurance products, active marketing of web insurance products and development of alternative sales channels;
  • further development of bancassurance;
  • various measures for improving loss adjustment processes;
  • process simplification;
  • strengthening of the Group's presence in the region;
  • transfer of expertise and good business practices from the controlling company to the subsidiaries.

The key measures for improving cost effectiveness will be continued: business process reengineering and adaptation of staffing levels, curbing the increase of costs not directly linked to the sale of insurance policies, optimisation of marketing communication costs, of external service costs, and of capital expenditure and standardisation of controls and controlling costs.

The corporate social responsibility strategy adopted in 2011 will be implemented at the Group level.


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