Mission, values and vision of the Triglav Group


We are building a safer future.


The companies of the Triglav Group are centred around three common values, which are realised through personal relations and relations with the environment.


Business objectives are achieved through the professionalism of financial services, based on highly professional employees. The Group is the driving force of the professional development of financial services in the environment.


Effective risk management is used to provide for the security of operations. Triglav's high-quality financial products and services improve the financial security of clients.

Corporate social responsibility

The sustainable development of the Triglav Group (balancing human resources, environmental awareness and profitability) is based on corporate social responsibility, implemented as economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibility.


Our business operations are profitable and secure. Return on equity (ROE) is above 12%. The sources of profit growth are very competitive, high quality services, effective risk management and the financial stability of the Triglav Group, which will serve to maintain the »A« rating received from an established credit rating agency. Members of the Triglav Group achieve higher levels of reputation than their competitors and are distinguished by comprehensive insurance/financial services offered through modern sales channels. The Group has a well-regulated and efficient governance system and follows the principles of modern organisation in all areas of business. Dedicated and highly-qualified employees are the basis of the Group's sustainable development.


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