Brand-building of Triglav

By adopting the Triglav Group Strategy for the 2011-2015 period, Zavarovalnica Triglav embarked on a series of changes leading towards greater efficiency, market inter-connections, streamlining, as well as upgrading of business processes, products and support activities. An important part of that is the merging of business strategy and brand strategy.

At the core of the redefined brand identity of TRIGLAV there are:

  • integrity as solid ethical and moral behaviour;
  • accessibility as simplicity of access and communications;
  • family as a source of inspiration and motivation;
  • and best value for money as high quality provided to clients.

Triglav is an appreciated brand, not only in the insurance and financial industry but also among the general public. The respect for the trade mark and for the Company was confirmed by a reputation survey undertaken in June 2011, in which 54% of those surveyed spontaneously recalled zavarovalnica Triglav as the first among reputable insurance companies. Such repute steams from log tradition of the Triglav brand name - the first and largest insurer in the region, which at the same time acts as an ambassador an ambassador of Slovenia, its values and culture of its people. All of that entails additional responsibility for the brand, which involves:

  • innovation and promotion of development trends in this category;
  • clear and friendly communication with clients;
  • corporate social responsibility, care for people, the environment and society at large;
  • projection and support of subsidiary in regional markets; and
  • contributions to sustainable development.

In 2011, the identity of the Triglav brand was redefined. Based on research and analyses, strategic guidelines were set for positioning on foreign markets, projects of value transfers to all target groups through effective internal communication (internal branding), marketing programmes implementation guidelines, a brand book, upgrading of visual image and corporate design, and a brand management roadmap. In this way, the future course of the brand and the communication strategy were determined for at least the next five years.

By realising the two key goals of the projects, Zavarovalnica Triglav wants to:

  • equitably and effectively communicate its brand identity to all the employees of the Triglav Group;
  • encourage the understanding, knowledge and exchange of best practices;
  • promote joint development and support of the planned central brand management;
  • define the responsibilities, organisations and model for creating synergies between countries;
  • streamline costs and minimise the time needed for project management and support resources for marketing and communication activities;
  • increase effectiveness and transfer of good practices to all the companies under the Triglav umbrella brand name;
  • andprotect the reputation and value of the brand as one the objectives set in the Triglav Group Strategy for the 2011-2015 period.

Brand expansion

In the second half of 2011 four companies of the Triglav Group were renamed: in August the subsidiary Triglav Krajina Kopaonik from Banja Luka was renamed Triglav Osiguranje, Banja Luka; in September Vardar Osiguruvanje became Triglav Osiguruvanje, Skopje; in October the name of the Serbian company Triglav Kopaonik was changed to Triglav Osiguranje, Belgrade; in November the subsidiary in Sarajevo was renamed Triglav Osiguranje, Sarajevo.

Joining the Triglav Group and adopting its corporate design lead to successful market positioning, a unified regional presence and greater visibility.

Local and global dimension

An integrated brand management system is an integral part of strategic brand management. Triglav's presence is made harmonious through effective communication in all the markets of the Triglav Group, and central investment in the brand. This takes account of language, cultural and communication specificities as well as differences in buying habits on local markets. Based on strategic considerations, the Triglav brand is adjusted to local environments, which increases its global strength.


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